December Date Challenge


Pack on those holiday pounds (come on, we all do it!) and try a dessert tasting tour. You can make three different homemade cookies, cook up a gourmet dessert bar you’ve always wanted to try, or hop over to three different restaurants.

As you are eating, discuss the following questions:

  • What is something I do that you appreciate?
  • I love it when you…
  • When we were dating, how did you know you wanted to marry me?
  • Describe a date you would enjoy going on with me.
  • What is a personality difference that you appreciate (how am I different from you and you appreciate that difference)?
  • What is one way I could love you or respect you better?

Before the date, each of you write a quick note to one another sharing something good you see in the other person. Read your notes over dessert.

Prize: $150 to Nocturne Jazz and Supper Club


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